Student Mechanic - Free labour


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Dec 28, 2013
Coburg, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
As above, for Melbourne area.

I'm studying Automotive Mechanical Technology at Menzies Institute of Technology, and I'm trying to get more hands-on. I'm willing to help out FOC for modification projects or even perform simple servicing tasks (e.g. spark plugs). No guarantees of success though.

Pretty confident with oil changes or tyre plugging but that's about it :raspberry:

If you know what you are doing and could use an extra pair of hands, you'd be doing me a huge favour.

If you are trying to save on getting ripped off by a dealer or save on labour, I figure we are somewhere even. But I won't cover parts costs, obviously!

I've got a basic set of tools, jackstands and jack.

Pls text me, zero four double nine, four two Oh, seven Oh eight.

- Shawn