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Unread 27th October 2018, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Beachworm View Post
What Tyre Brand are you on? Toyo Open Country AT
... I'm happy with their off-road performance, keeping in mind they are a compromise tyre that gives reasonable performance on all kinds of off road surfaces but not outstanding on any. Where their performance is a bit concerning is on wet bitumen. Braking is fine, but lateral grip when cornering on wet bitumen is much lower than either of the tyres I have run previously. It means I have had to moderate my speed when cornering in the wet.
I had the AT IIs, which I guess is what you have as well, on the B9 Tribeca. Fantastic tires on dirt; I found them outstanding there though the 255 width may have been partly why I never had an OB tire that could match them on dirt (225 ATS, KO2, Continental AT). I agree with what you said about rain.

The best tires I have had so far on any vehicle:

AT: Falken Wildpeak AT3W, P-metric. These are in a league of their own when it comes to P-metric tires. They may not be quite as strong as the best LT-metric tires, but their grip in rock is unbelievable and they are stronger than any other P-metric tire (6-9 lb heavier per tire than the P-metric competition). There is no noise on the freeway, at least in a Prado-platform vehicle, nor any other downside on a 4x4.

Street: Nitto 420S. Outstanding all-season performance tire for a Subaru with an H6 or turbo engine. These tires and Subaru AWD make each corner a pleasure. This is what the TB has had for 3.5 years now and we will probably follow up with another set next year. I doubt these tires are any good in snow, but snow is irrelevant here.

For the first time since I started to care about tires (a decade), I am pretty much sure that I will get another set of the same tires for both vehicles we have. Completely satisfied.
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