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Unread 27th July 2018, 07:56 AM
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Default 4 Range Crossings

Just returned home after taking my WRX on a 2,200 km trip, crossing the Great Dividing Range 4 times on 4 different roads over 5 days. And while some of the roads in the Northern Rivers district of NSW would have suited the Forester better, The Forrie would definitely have been the wrong vehicle for the range crossings. What surprised me though were the number of Subarus up there. Considering how bad the roads are, perhaps I shouldn't be that surprised. 45 series tyres don't like potholes, and there were lots and lots of them. You couldn't miss. I tried, and failed. Thankfully Subaru rims are bloody strong.

Of course, you can by all means take a Forester, but unless you modify it, it's best to just lay back and absorb the stunning views. I love range crossings, and as the GDR is some 3,500km in length, there are plenty of range crossings to enjoy. Especially in a nice, lightweight WRX. I left the DCCD in auto mode, which in fact tends to make the car drive more like a RWD car. I run large, 8 piston front callipers on this car and gave them a pretty hard workout over some 40 plus kilometres, and they felt as good at the end as they did at the start. On a previous crossing, a passenger in the car in front could see brake dust coming coming off the brakes under HARD braking. And of course once off the brakes it's hard on the go pedal. I tried my best to stick to the speed limit, but I couldn't. My GPS said on the last crossing before I hit the twisties I should be at my destination at 1224. When I came out the other end, it said I should be at my destination at 1235. Clealrly Mr Garmin is a very fast driver indeed.

But as I said, there is always the option of enjoying the scenery and it really was very pretty indeed. You could do a lot worse than exploring places like these range crossings. Have fun
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