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Unread 14th September 2016, 03:34 AM
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Very informative, thanks. Yeah, I knew I would not be the only one thinking along these lines.

I like your idea. A 4,500-5,000 lb winch is light and while not suited to regular winching should be completely capable to save the day in an emergency. I am not interested in a permanent mount but I can surely see the point. I like the Superwinch Terra 45 which has its brake where it would not heat the synthetic rope.

Triple pull on handwinch would be for me not for the winch or the car! The overall effort would be much less even after accounting for 3:1 reduction in feet per lever car movement. With a hitch it is actually pretty easy to setup in the rear, somewhat challenging in front. The extra cost is just a pulley that needs not be as strong as the other one (strong pulleys, as opposed to strong snatch blocks, are rather pricey).

The problem is that the value provided by feeling as prepared as one can be seems to me less than the cost of said fully-rigged winch especially since I have so far failed to convince myself that I truly need one. I know why I need my shovel, TRED1100, and air jack though
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Unread 14th September 2016, 04:26 AM
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I just hate using a tirfor style winch, half away through the job you feel like leaving the dam thing in a hole and buying a new car is the more plausible idea...
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