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Unread 8th August 2019, 03:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Ben Up North View Post may be userful, although 2005 (updated 2012), it is current and specifically defines the vehicle categories.
This in conjunction with the other current state documents regarding lifts & tyre sizes should be all that's required.
Unfortunately for us, the National Code of Practice does state that All Wheel Drive Vehicles are not included in the group where a 50mm increase in tyre diameter is permitted. I have quoted this in previous posts so I won't do it again. The letter from Peter at TMR is useful for me to demonstrate inconsistencies in their approach to this clause but it doesn't eliminate the exclusion.

To exclude certain types of vehicles as this clause does is not creating a separate class of vehicle as far as the wording of the NCOP is concerned. The way TMR has applied this exclusion in their application of the Queensland Code effectively negates the MC classification of these vehicles and relegates them to the same modification requirements as those classified MA.

Unless we can locate an amendment to the National Code that repeals this exclusion and if the various state jurisdictions are intent on enforcing it, I fail to see how Subaru owners would have a legal leg to stand on when running oversize tyres. I can only hope that Peter is higher up the ladder than the bloke who responded to me and he decides to hold to his 2017 position.
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