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Unread 19th May 2013, 12:23 AM
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Default Top tip for getting rid of calcium deposits off glass

Hi guys

I've had terrible calcium deposits on my windows ever since I bought my car 5 years ago. I've tried everything to get it off:

Vinegar, CLR, oven cleaner, cut & polish, bathroom cleaner etc etc.

After trawling the internet for a solution i found this stuff:

It's the only thing I've found that works. Here's how i finally shifted that muck:

1. You'll need a bottle of polish, lots of paper towel, a bottle of windex and some masking tape. Get your drill and fit a small sheepskin buffing pad from Repco etc. Don't even think about trying to buff it by hand, unless you've got a spare week.

2. Keep your doors closed. Mask off your windows to prevent too much polish getting on your paint and rubber strips.

3. Set your drill to run at a fairly low speed or you'll be splattering you and your car with purpleness.

4. Either run some lines of polish in an S shape over your window or apply direct to the pad. Blip the throttle on your drill to spread the polish around the window without splattering.

5. Buff the window for about 2 minutes in a slow moving fashion without pushing too hard. Don't rush or the calcium won't come off.

6. Spray the window with windex and use the paper towel to clean off the excess polish. Don't try and buff out the excess with a cloth or you'll be there all day spreading it around as it'll be like a thick greasy film.

7. Redo steps 4 to 6 if your first pass didn't get it all off. My windows took 3 attempts! This method of buff/clean/buff/clean seemed to be more effective that just lathering it on without the clean in between, I think this is because the polish has diminishing abrasives so buffing too long in one pass won't be as effective.

8. When you're done remove masking tape and finish cleaning your window surrounds with windex. The polish is quite greasy and so you'll need to keep using clean paper towels to prevent spreading polish over and over again.

9. If you get it on your paint don't worry. Just spray with windex and wipe it off GENTLY. It won't leave a mark

10. When you've done all your windows I suggest spraying your car with CT18 truck cleaner and giving it a good wash as there'll be heaps of little splatters everywhere.

11. This stuff also works great on headlight cataracts if you suffer from those.

Happy buffing!

By the way, I am in no way connected to California Customs. Just some guy who's chuffed his windows don't look like s#$t any more

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