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Unread 2nd February 2019, 11:57 PM
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Default Motorsport Driver Training

Previously when a group of us have gone off roading, Iíve been asked to help those new to heading off road. It was good to see the improvement in drivers at the end of the day compared to earlier in the day.

Iíve done similar things in motor racing. Twelve months ago, 2 new drivers began competing and I jumped into their cars as well. Neither was doing very well getting it all together. The first guy was having difficulty coordinating the whole brake, turn, handbrake throttle procedure right. Still, at each course he was coming to grips and improving each time. After 4 courses, I had to leave him and go out and compete myself. As I came off my first course I saw him out on the other course and was amazed. It all finally clicked on the last one I did with him and he was driving brilliantly. I have never seen anyone improve as quickly as he did. A few weeks later he competed in a wet hill climb. And won! I was really pleased for him.

The second bloke was impoving as well, if not at quite the same rate of improvement. At a later event I saw him driving well. Then today I jumped in the car. In 12 months the difference was night and day compared to 12 months ago. Beautiful turns, great handbrake turns and power down. Sensational and once again I was delighted for him.

I also spent some of this morning with another driver competing for the first time. She was very nervous on her first run, but as all we were doing was for her to get out there, it was fine. Over the next three runs, she improved noticeably and I have no doubt she will be a good driver too.

Irrespective of whether itís motorsport or off roading, it seems itís all about unlocking the talents people have by building confidence and making them feel comfortable. Now while there are people out there who just arenít suitable for driving, many people have talent they donít realise they have. I was fortunate to be able to teach myself, and others have as well, but for others who have the talent if you donít get some help accessing it youíll never fulfill your potential. Never get to places that would be so good to see and enjoy.
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Unread 3rd February 2019, 02:03 AM
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I understand exactly what your talking about Rally.

A couple of years ago my daughter bought me a Red Balloon Gift Card for the Subaru WRX Rally Car Driving Experience at the Willowbank complex out near Ipswich.
It was to be my first ever ride in and drive of a Turbo'd car of any make. The first 2 laps were sedate at best, by the 6th and final lap I was really getting the hang of the power off - brake - power on - handbrake etc. and damn, it was over.

The Instructor then did a hot lap with me in the Navi seat and boy that was a real hoot, the more I laughed the harder he seemed to throw it around

(in my mind), when I got out I was really on high and there was no way of wiping the grin off my face.

I would love to do it again, only the couple of years in between bouts would put me back to square one I'm afraid.
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