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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
Where are you getting your positive?

If you are tapping low beam then you are tapping neg as there is just one pos wire at each headlight and 2 negs one each for hi and low beam (which are switched).
I know, right?!
Not sure what's going on.
  • Using a Lightforce loom, which gives you the ability to remove a lead that goes to earth (when positively switched) and loop it back into the relay for negatively switched vehicles.
  • I originally tapped the high beam and did the loop back thing. spotlights came on on high beam and when lights were turned off. I've got an overide switch in the cabin that could turn them off completely, so it wasn't terrible, but not good.
  • I then changed the loom setup so that it was for a positively switched vehicle. Spotlights came on on low beam only, but were off when lights were off.
  • so then I had a mad idea, and tapped the low beam wire and left the loom setup for positive switched vehicle. It works exactly as a bought one!
Does any of that make sense? it doesn't really to me...
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