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Hey guy! This is my first post and I realise this is an old thread but I just wanted to let you's know this easy tip for perfect automotive glass every time. I run my own car detailing business and this is what we use. The product is call "Ali King" it's an aluminium cleaner and can be bought from any commercial cleaning supplies shop. Dilute it 50/50 with water in a heavy duty spray bottle. Wet the car down and spray on liberly one window at a time. Rub it around by hand with a glove on and pressure clean off, or even hose off. That's it! In some cases you may need to do it twice for really bad build up but not often. Do this to all external windows keeping the car wet and hosing residue off regularly. I would also recommend using a mask as it's pretty potent stuff. When the car is dry give the Windows a coat of ordinary car wax to help prevent build up again. THIS WILL NOT HARM YOUR PAINT.
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