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Whether you use 1" strut top spacers or raised springs, you are still lifting the body and diff. Trouble with both of these is there's no camber or caster offset so the handling isn't as good.

I don’t recommend raised springs, they give a harsh ride & reduce articulation offroad, meaning less grip & more wheel spin. Stock suspension or Kings standard height springs & KYB struts give a nice ride & are the best for offroad

A 2" lift has camber & caster offsets so you keep the good Subaru handling.

With a 2" lift, normally you have a 2" rear subframe spacer kit to maintain the stock suspension geometry & droop. Yes, this will mean the diff is still at stock height but that shouldn't matter, it's the engine sump that's the lowest point in a Subaru & is easily damaged, that's the really important bit to lift up.

Clearance under the diff isn't so important as it's tucked up high out of the way & is a solid chunk of iron. You're extremely unlikely to damage it even doing crazy hardcore 4wd tracks.

If you want, I can do a 2" lift kit with camber & caster offsets & 1" subframe spacer kit. Feel free to PM me for details

1" & 2" lift kits; custom lift kits; all models
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