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Default Is a lift kit worth the trouble?

I would like to have more ground clearance in my SH Forester as some of the tracks I have been on have deep wheel ruts that you can't get out of. I researched lift kits, looked at a few SHs with 50mm kits fitted and I couldn't help but notice there was no increase in ground clearance under the rear diff. As this is the piece of mechanical equipment I want to get up in the air a bit more I began to expand my research to see if there was any way of lifting the rear of my Foz in a way that includes the diff. I am thinking lifted springs, even 25mm higher would be better than strut spacers but I can't find them available in Oz. Does anyone know if I am headed up a dead end track with this or is there a better way? (don't worry about bigger tyres as I've already got the biggest that are practical and legal in Qld)
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