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PauSum 5th June 2018 03:58 AM

Upper Sump Leak
Brought my Outback to the stealer for the routine (112500km) service but got a surprised call that there is a "upper sump leak" and need to be fixed - total bill of $2,800 (including the cost of the service). :shake:

The "upper sump leak" repair is taken care of as luckily I have extended warranty. :rock:

What actually is "upper sump leak"? I do not see any oil mark under the car (I do the in-between oil change myself) or on the ground. What signs and symptoms will an "upper sump leak" show? :poke:

The dealer said it is a 15 hrs job so I wont have my car back by Friday the earliest!

Kevin 5th June 2018 04:17 AM

I've never heard of an "upper sump leak" :shrug:

Ben Up North 5th June 2018 05:09 AM

I presume a lower sump leak means there's a hole in it..

edit: Seriously though, perhaps this?

PauSum 5th June 2018 06:35 AM

I was thinking about the same. I did ask for details but the stealer still uses the same term. Will ask for the report after the repair. :confused:

jf1sf5 5th June 2018 03:05 PM

Go back to the stealer and ask them to show you...

idw 5th June 2018 10:28 PM

'upper sump leak' sounds like it needs a gasket...don't see how that's $2800 and 15hours work though. I mean I don't see how a new sump would be that much either...

Something ain't right

lefty 9th June 2018 07:53 AM

take it to a specialist like STechnic or Maximum Motorsport.

The last time I had my foz serviced at a dealer they said I had a leak , took it to Stechnic who said there was none. 80,000kms later Stechnic have proven to be correct.
I have never serviced at a dealer again

Rally 9th June 2018 08:03 AM

Upper sump leak. Where on earth did they get that description from.

Kevin 9th June 2018 09:09 AM

Upper Kumbukta West! :lol:

lefty 9th June 2018 10:21 AM

a bit like "danger to manifold"

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