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scalman 5th December 2017 11:06 AM


so it was this year from July-August. 15 days. about 5400km . Just my car, sleeping inside all nights except 2 nights in some motel in Croatia.
what was goal ? to see mountains. first goal was Slovakia Carpathian mountains. i reached them on second day evening. was there 5 days. then i think hmm i still have time, what we do go home or go forward. Then i looked at map...where forward ? it was not planned at all. so ok we go to Croatia and swim there in sea for couples days . Done. then after amazing time there i thought: since we here allready lets go home via Austria Alps. and we did .

it was most amazing trip , most amazing holiday and most amazing time in my life. just mind blowing , unbelieviable. not planned trips are best.
whats in car ? couple bags with some clothes , some food , drinks. then foam matress in trunk , pillows all stuff from home bed. all tools i would need for car. showel, axe. no spare tire :biggrin: because no place for it. and small fridge/coller. thats all 2 people would need for living isnt it.

just bed for 2 weeks. easy
no mods nothing done in trunk just normal trunk and foam in it .and thats it . good thing to not make it anything in trunk that i could put all in bags and while i drive i can put bags in rear and trunk and when i wanna sleep i put all bags and fridge on front seats. thats it all rear is free.

to this view i was waking up for couple days in Slovakia. just amazing high Carphatian mountains. i did climb to couple them until about 2200m

what else you need in life ....

scalman 9th December 2017 04:47 PM

so about trip. it was not very planeed and went superbly well.
car . just loved car all times. no matter of leaking HG , no matter of overheating brakes at times, no spare wheel. whicj i left at home because i was so confident in KO2's . and all went well. car didn't even showed that it didn't liked something. no matter it was hot outsie or it was somehow lacking power to climb into Austria mountain roads. but still after all that . so cheap car it was and never asked any money to put into it. it was all maintenance sure iv done all in time, changed all liquids in time, and such. i took care of it still with some problems it was giving me very special unforgetable time.
i just imagine some fancy car with lots electronic there if its would went wrong something here in middle of road what you would do . and how much it would cost you.
i had all tools as i carry them everyday . i allready turned most bolts and nuts in my car and i know all its weak point and bad stuff so i know what to expect. so amazing car it is . to do over 5400km drive and live and sleep in car same time have all media stuff all technology in car , tablet, phones, laptop, i had 220v inverter too. plenty USB ports for all charges i would need. extra battery too. just full size battery. i always carry it in trunk too. just in case.
thats Slovakia Carpathian mountains. this was our sleeping point for over 4-5 nights. just new remade modern petrol station that works 24/7 and have showers for us to use. so every night we would get back to this or other petrol station there and just stay there for night , have some food and some wine or beer and just enjoy views .
yes tha twas extra fuel usage every day , but ok it was my time my holiday and wanted to do it as i want. no matter money. as i love cars in general and love driving . i enjoy doing it. maybe i could go work as driver then . hmmm. i should think about that .

Kevin 9th December 2017 04:59 PM

Great photos and looks like a lovely trip!

scalman 9th December 2017 05:13 PM

weird thing with imgur pics from mobile network shared to laptop. i can see imgur on my phone now but on laptop no . so i uploaded now some on photobucket again if its works its good.
yh amazing trip it was. i would go back to Slovakia any time to go to mountains some more and prepare better. as most adventures saying you put stuff in your cars that you no need , so like if you no use it for couple days or longer meaning you dont need that. so i didint had those kinda things but i would take something more for more comfort .
i didin't tried yet any camping places for cars there. but there was no such near mountains anywere. everybody just go to hotels there. or come with big campers rented , and sleep there .
i wanted to be safe , its unknown country's and unknown places and people , so i choose to sleep in petrol stations where all those big truckers stop to sleep. i felt safe enough there. i can tell in all that time i didn't met any other normal car size as ours that people would come and sleep in them. none.

just before trip i thought of putting something like this . like for extra place to put light stuff like clothes and stuff. but i didnt took it in end. it was kinda hanging down too much maybe , but i would make something like that just better

same petrol station as before. and some water with wine that i found in petrol station. cheap and good sweet wine it was.

thats mountain we were going for couple days in Slovakia it was one of the highest in there. didint got to peek of it but nearly there. to that Restaurant Scalnate Pleso

thats going up with escalator second time. first time we climbed there ourselfs.

those were tracks that you climb up. tracks where made and had colors meaning different difficulty level of it. it had tracks for noobs up to pros.

that mountain in those pics was there .. in the clouds. so we went there with car , then walked and climbed , then went back all that road at evening back to petrol station to sleep. then next day we went to other place to visit and same thing go back to petrol station to sleep.

that mountain was seriously in the clouds. we didint reach that point but one one track we were just almost to reach clouds with hand .. almost there.

we visited caves too. they where famous for those things inside them

Ben Up North 9th December 2017 07:22 PM

Love that last picture. Beautiful!
I hope you didn't try driving up those walking trails!!

scalman 10th December 2017 07:54 AM

I wish haha, no they far away i couldnt drive there. Its little shame that i didint even found any tracks there off good roads to drive. Maybe i should search more , or they some other place . i know there is tracks even on too some mountains maybe not in slovakia side . but i saw pics and videos of some people doing 4x4 trips there.
like those people just drove on top carpathians but in other area i think it was Romania. not far from where i did travel too

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