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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
More likely $59K (base model Prado) to $120-130K for a Sahara! then add options!

I've probably said it before, my son had a Wrangler and it was great offroad i.e. spent more time in the workshop than onroad. But, really, when working it was an awesome machine but getting it home was always the problem!
By the way, what year and exact model and trim was the problem Wrangler? I assume it had a diesel engine and thus an export-only model.

The 2012+ engine and transmission have been pretty solid, though the transmission has a reputation for being very uninspiring, and most problems seem to come from putting overly big tires on low-end trims without strengthening the front axle.

The new, JL/JLU Wranglers will offer the current V6 (only one engine on 2007-2018s, first an awful V6 and then a pretty good one) as standard and will move to a new I-6 in a couple of years. However, they will also offer a turbo 4 and a diesel, the advantages of which I cannot fathom in the US case as it actually gets less payload and the same towing. As for the 2.0 turbo 4, well, there are many people who buy the Wrangler for the convertible experience so I guess it would make sense for them. I do not know why anyone who goes unpaved would want an over-stressed turbo engine on a vehicle that excels in technical rock crawling.
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