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Old 16th August 2014, 03:25 AM
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^ But we have that ability, and look at the use/s to which we have put it - killing each other, instead of (potentially) saving all of us ... .

As for fridges, why not take the approach that different technologies/brands/etc suit different people? Isn't that a more reasonable approach?

It isn't any kind of competition, AFAIACS ... .
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Old 16th August 2014, 04:10 AM
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Get what you think suits you, it IS horses for courses. Personally I see no advantage whatsoever in a 3 way fridge. Possibly the cheaper initial cost but this is only an advantage if you use the fridge very spasmodically. The more you use it the more the cost advantage disappears. If I was travelling with kids I wouldn't touch one. I don't like gas operated appliances and kids together. My 50ltr Waeco cost me $750 NEW. I got it a trade show for $900 with a cover and a Waeco cool box which I sold for $150. Deals like this are available fairly regularly and Engel make a reasonably priced plastic style fridge also.
Solar panels, whilst probably a bit expensive to start with can have a variety of uses and pretty much last forever. A good AGM battery can be had for around $280/320 and will last for at least 5 years, more like 6 or 7, if looked after.
For a lot of campers these days a solar panel and a battery is just a normal part of the whole exercise. If not it's just an esky and ice and that is still my favourite place to keep a beer!! It's just too much trouble though.
Anyway, get what suits you, it's just my point of view after seeing them in operation and having what I have.
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