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Unread 25th June 2016, 12:03 AM
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It's obvious that the tune these engines come out from factory are subject to a few things:
- an average setting that will - huh, on average - suit most roles played by the vehicle
- tight emissions controls, so when you tune in complete liberty, you may putting the environment at risk (I know, I know... But this should matter to us all)
- normal process variations, as in the claimed kW and Nm figures will have different curves and values for every car produced because they are all made by different bits of steel and plastic.

Having said all that, Subaru engineers design the thing! Spend their entire careers to get a competitive edge and make their cars better than the other ones. So logic would say there aren't a lot of low-hanging fruit without an effect in another area - like fuel economy, wear and tear of parts, the environment, etc... Sure you can carve a massive amount of extra torque and kW out of these engines, but as others have said before: you play, you pay.
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