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Unread 24th April 2018, 05:52 PM
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I have an 89 300 SEL with 90,000km on the clock. It belonged to a Japanese family on the Gold Coast who bought it new in 1989 and kept it at their holiday appartment and only used it a couple of times a year when they came on holidays from Japan. I bought it three years ago with 75,000 km on it. It's in almost new condition. It's our daily driver but will get retired for more limited use later this year, hence the SUV/4x4 question. I had always thought I'd simply get a 2010/2012 petrol Prado as they simply do many things so well, but I've always liked Subaru and both the current gen Forester & Outback appeal to me on many levels. The Forester XT has the lions share of my interest so far.
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Unread 28th April 2018, 09:22 PM
Subaru Man Subaru Man is offline
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* Primarily a daily driver, (I also have a classic Mercedes) I'd like a vehicle that can handle some beach work at places like Fraser Island, Double Island Point and Moreton Island here in Queensland.

A Subaru would be perfect then.

* I'm only interested in petrol as I don't want the hassles of modern diesels with injectors, high pressure fuel pumps, sensitive fuel filters and the dreaded DPF.

If you want things to be less hassle that would also be a reason to go the non-turbo vs the XT as in places like Fraser Island you can't get premium unleaded. You would have to take extra fuel and / or octane boosters.

* Is a Subaru as capable as a traditional 4x4 like a Prado for beach work?

More so.

* Which is best suited to off roading, the Forester XT or the Outback?

Both would be fine but as mentioned elsewhere the Outback has longer overhangs which can be a problem in sand as well as other off-road conditions.

* In regard to the Forester is the XT is it OK for off roading or is it more suited to being a semi performance orientated road based SUV or should I just save money and go for the 2.5 non turbo?

Both would be fine and it depends what you want. I would love to drive an XT but my non-turbo does the job for me without any complaints from me, or the car. If you want extra performance, go the XT, If you prefer to save the money and happy with what is still a perfectly fine drive then save your money and get the n/a. I spent a week on Fraser Island in my SJ Forester with a group of Subarus including an SJ XT. We both had no problems re getting through the soft sand. The XT has more power but the non-turbo still has plenty and has a softer ride and no need to worry about premium unleaded. I was also able to fit 16 inch wheels whereas the XT was limited to 17 inch rims as a second set. I believe it is still possible to fit smaller rims to the XT but it is a more costly exercise to get Sparco wheels as apparently these will fit over the XT's larger break calipers. I am not aware of anyone having done this! I put on a set of 16 inch wheels and run 225/70/16 when off-road, compared to stock 225/60/17.

- How does the CVT perform off road? Like most people I hear CVT and shudder how ever I've read good things about the Subaru CVT and my mind is open.

People tend to give the CVT a hard time. I also have an earlier Subaru with CVT and it's not great but it's still fine for a family wagon (2013 Subuar Exiga 7 seater). However, I am hardly aware I am driving a CVT in my 2016 Forester and it performs very well off-road. It spent a week at Fraser Island and caused me no grief at all. I think that if you are happy driving an automatic transmission then the CVT will suit you just as well.

The XT CVT also had no problems at all after a week on Fraser Island.

* What are the off road essentials (other than standard recovery gear) for the type of use I'm looking at to protect my vehicle.

A sump guard is a very good idea!
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