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Unread 30th December 2017, 02:57 PM
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Default DIY : cheap LED reverse lights $3-5

i know all wanna just have better reverse light . well anything better then oem "light" its allready better. and then you find out that they rusted and stuck inside sockets and you cant remove them without proper force. you end up with view like this

and i read many just buy those great powerfull led bulbs and put there instead of oem bulb. and im sure its working great and lights up much better.
but what about if you dont wanna spend like 25 or more on bulbs. you can spend just about 3-5 euros and have this:
no need to tell which one is oem

so thats what i used

they going as daytime running lights and they comes in package as 2 ligths. with double sided sticker to put them where you want. they really so light that cable is more heavier then those lights :grin2: i payed 3 euros for pack. i bought them second time after my first time i bought them for trunk light , and they amazing for trunk too. even one is enough for trunk.

so how and where i put those for reverse ..well at first i tested what best place there would be for them. and best place would be just on top of outback logo out there. thats where you would get most spread to sides. but i put them on top of license plate and they covered from top but they on little angle there so they light right where you need , slightly down.

if you stand there you dont even see them they hidden under that rear light plastic. but boy do they light up ...ohh and i removed oem bulbs at all so this is just those 2 mini leds. nothing else. oem bulbs are just well useless. there why they need to drain battery
i just connected them straight from connector. so no need to cut nothing or weld or watever. but they could be done by separate connector maybe

you can put another pair of them on top of letters outback and AWD on other side. then it would just be perfect. but now even in rain they lights up ok.

and here fron low beam on Osram Night Braker Laser H7 and compare to cheapo reverse

if you look at them straight to light you get blinded fast and need some time recover

and best thing because those reverse leds are kinda hidden under rear light plastic you wont bling noone whos passing buy your car, with powerfull reverse bulbs in oem place you would blind people if they stand there or even driver in car .

and thats how they amazing in trunk. and its just one
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Unread 30th December 2017, 06:23 PM
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Well done!
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