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Unread 1st June 2015, 06:48 AM
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matdaymon, very glad a witness came forward!

KiwiFoz, are you getting another Subie?
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Unread 1st June 2015, 09:53 PM
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Well my bike is a write off and my leg is still purple and sore, but the swelling and bruising has finally started going down.
I'll find out in the next couple of days how much I've got left once the finance company takes it's cut. Then will start Foz shopping as the better half is naturally quite anxious about me getting another bike during winter. Guess there is a silver lining.

Originally Posted by kiwifoz View Post
I really can't recommend having full insurance enough, this whole ordeal has left me considerably out of pocket.
Damn, so you're not getting paid out for the damage the numpty did to your Foz? Don't imagine a wrecker would give you too much for it, at least not what would be ideal.
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Unread 1st June 2015, 11:46 PM
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Originally Posted by kiwifoz View Post
I'll see how much it's worth as a wreck - if it's too little I may consider parting it out myself as the suspension is near-new (apart from the ruined front struts).
You might do better putting it on "fleabay". I was trading a car on a Foz three years ago and blew the head gasket the night before. I was only going to get $800-900 as trade in, in running order. The wreckers would pay me tops $300 and sold it on fleabay for over $1,300 even though I clearly stated the head gasket was blown.
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Unread 2nd June 2015, 03:13 AM
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Originally Posted by NachaLuva View Post
matdaymon, very glad a witness came forward!

KiwiFoz, are you getting another Subie?
I wish I was but I took a test drive in an SH and disliked it. Didn't drive anything like my SG, felt like a truck crossed with Dad's 2007 MY08 Impreza that he used to have. As well, I really wanted something with a better low-range gear as I find the 1.19:1 not enough... Even 1.59 wouldn't be enough for NZ tracks as they're pretty damn steep and the last thing you want to be doing is riding the brakes down a narrow, off-camber muddy track bulldozed into the side of a 70-degree slope... I've done this in my SG and it was pretty nerve-wracking when I locked the front wheels up and the ABS kicked in, causing me to release the brakes and go down rather faster than I would have liked. Thank God there was a run-out. Went down in Dad's Pathfinder in low 1st without a problem (2.61:1 DR). Not to mention I've had to tackle uphill obstacles faster than I'd like to have as well...

I've actually bought a Grand Vitara instead. 2:1 reduction, locking centre diff, 47:53 front:rear AWD (great on gravel), locking centre diff and traction control to stop me getting crossed up. Much better approach and departure angles than an SH and better ramp-over due to the larger tyres they run (it's on 225/70r17 D697s currently).
I would have liked another Subie but to get another SG and mod it with diffs/1.59/DCCD is not in my mechanical ability or time to do so unfortunately. And the SHs were a bit out of my price range, especially considering I didn't really like how it drove (understeery and very soft suspension) and it really needs a 1.59/DCCD conversion to work offroad, not to mention the smalle tyre size compared to the Vitara.

Logic has prevailed, it seems. Damn.

I'll see how much the wrecker offers and probably chuck it on TradeMe (NZ copy of eBay) after they offer me bugger-all.

And yes, I didn't get paid out for the Forester in full.
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Unread 2nd June 2015, 03:44 AM
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^ I know what you mean about the SH, KF ...

Fortunately, SWMBO prefers her car to mine, but I FAR prefer my SG to her SH.

A friend has a 2.7L V6 Grand Vitara. Good vehicle, just doesn't handle like the Subies, but that's just a matter of driving the particular car as it is meant to be driven.

Doesn't matter what car you have, if you drive it outside its design parameters, you will end up in strife!

Hope you get a good price for your wreck, one way or another.
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Unread 8th October 2015, 10:50 PM
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Yeah when the front end goes your on the ground before you know you are in trouble. You are lucky with your leg how you did not break a bone with all that bruising is a miracle.

Was the damage to the bike just handle bars fairings and exhaust or did the frame crack as well. When I dropped mine it hit an island and a sign and was a complete right off.

Luck you were able to walk away from it.
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