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Old 30th May 2017, 05:00 AM
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Sounds good then with the 4.44 havachat. Might take a little while sourcing the parts as I dont want another couple of boxes lying around the yard just for bits n pieces

Ah i see!! I the difference axle conundrum is in the diff type itself. I thought it might have been a different assembely in the gearbox housing, then connects into the diff! makes sense...

I have done some quick calcs on rpm/final drive of 3.9/4.1/4.44 at 100kph and 5th gear being .738 with 60/65/70 tyres...

4.44 .738 60tyre @100kph = rpm2615 (havachat)

4.44 .738 65tyre @100kph = rpm2540

4.44 .738 70tyre @100kph = rpm2475

4.11 .738 60tyre @100kph = rpm2420

4.11 .738 65tyre @100kph = rpm2350

4.11 .738 70tyre @100kph = rpm2275

3.9 .738 60tyre @100kph = rpm2315

3.9 .738 65tyre @100kph = rpm2230

3.9 .738 70tyre @100kph = rpm2160

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