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Unread 22nd May 2018, 10:04 AM
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Default Drone footage

Always liked taking photos and videos and with drones came new possibilitys. every year they give us new ways to play with drones and less worry to control them as they do all those follow me tricks, now mostly you just point drone to object as car and it should done the rest.
So do you use drones , what kind drones ? what best drones for making offroad videos as of today and such. im looking into drone myself, still deciding should i wait for more advanced drones or its enough now what gives us drones like Dji models.

i dont think there any other ways to get footage as those

looks like for now for them to follow you car must go very slowly and on open area, and with those 15 min of flying you must really make best footage in that small window.
still its footage that i was never seen before drones

even real WRC footage from drone
but thats super premium expensive drones. what about more cheaper like 300-600 versions..
like DJI Spark

im so excited for those videos that almost ready to pay for that drone. just it doesnt like trees very much that could be a problem.
and i think they should make apps like for offroading with special tools like i duno follow tire or follow hood or something like that. imagine you just make it follow your tires and it does everything itself. would be really cool. but with progress as we have now i think soon very soon we will have those wonders for cheap too.
as much as i did research i cant find any better solution with follow me and good camera quality for price as DJi Spark now goes.
but can it dodge a tree ?
as it seems not so much, but stoping is better then hiting a tree i guess. its like that anoying AI in video game when its get stuck on some tree and cant pass it ..haha
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