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Unread 4th November 2015, 10:33 PM
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Default WRX Gravel Express spare wheel carrier onto a Foz?

Hi guys,

Just spitballin' here but I've been thinking about a spare wheel carrier for my SF5 and the idea of taking a factory one off a Gravel Express WRX and putting it on would be a reasonably easy, and cost effective way of going about it.

Does anyone know if it would even work? I know the chassis of the GF8 and SF5 are very similar but am otherwise unsure if my cunning plan would work in reality.

Since I'm in NZ and own an SF5 getting something from SubaXtreme or the like is unlikely and cost prohibitive. There's always the 'chuck it in a roof basket" route if it doesn't work but I figure it'd be damn cool on a first gen foz.

'97 JDM Forester turbo
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Unread 4th November 2015, 11:03 PM
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Possibly do-able Mat, but you already knew that. I guess it would really depend on where and how it attaches to the rear sub-frame rails on your car.

Is 'Gravel Express' a local crowd there in NZ?
I don't think that we ever got an Impreza like that here in Oz.

Maybe check with the manufacturer of the item. They may have drawings and measurements they can send you, or direct you to.
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Unread 4th November 2015, 11:30 PM
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Gravel express was a JDM spec impreza. Yes it'll 'fit' will a little cutting and welding of the carrier on a new angle. Your towbar might not fit under it though, the JDM towbars a ****ty little round tune things more often or not.
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