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Unread 4th April 2018, 08:04 PM
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Default Masshole with a Subaru

Got your attention, eh? Well, I live in Mass., but I'm not from here. I take no responsibility for the thoughtless driving abilities of my fellow citizens.

Bought my first Subaru in 1981. It was a beige GL. They only sold GL and DL in the states. First weekend I had it, I was camping and crumpled the rear panel on a tree..

Let's on the non-subaru cars I've had, I've driven off the road twice into a farm field. Distracted driving before personal electronics. Speared my radiator with a downfallen tree. Had a wheel fall off while doing 55mph. But I've never gotten stuck. Kinda sets the tone for my driving abilities! Back to a subaru in '16. It's me.

I'm a mountain man. Born in and played in the mountains 4-seasons in the Adirondaks, Green and White mountains of VT and NH and Maine. I'm a big snowstorm chaser. Gotta catch those powder days. I'm an explorer while hiking and skiing and driving. If it looks ominous, mysterious and dangerous, I'm apt to go for it! Do a ton of volunteer work for the Forest Service in NH. Lots of trail maintenance means lots of dirty tools in back (those mats are a lifesaver), Extra food, overnight gear for anywhere, rescue gear, spare fuel, dog carrier. In the winter I bring a whole collection of skis, winter gear, shovels and so forth. So maybe I should have bought a truck, right? Nah...

I'm a solo adventurer. Trying to keep my impact on the dear old mother earth to a minimum. I came back to Subaru two years back and am lovin' it. I just finished the spring skiing season, which means a nasty, slippery mudhole of a dirt road. Then it's up a good 35 degree climb to the ski lodge. That "x-mode" has been a help, when I went up the Roxbury Gap in Vermont two weeks ago. It's a dirt road and is rutted with frozen ice tracks. A solid three miles of continuous uphill, no turnouts. Found a lot of people near the top who didn't belong there, including an 18-wheeler down in the ditch. I was on my way up, I just putted along. Oh the life of a subie. I think the Forester was smiling and snickering as we passed by the dozen or so folks on the side of the road. Winter tires will come off soon.

Never been stuck. Ever. Pulled others out though, including a small tractor!

In the summer and fall as a volunteer and leader I meander over forest roads that are sometime gated, for official use (makes me official I suppose), meander through small-ish washouts, two track roads that look more like grass field. Haul in lots of trail maintenance tools, clothing, food, and about a hundred gallons of bug spray. Have to get through the woods with a compass and topo map, both driving and hiking. The roads I go on are purposely not on the map.

If I may sayso myself, I'm a pretty competent winter driver. Learned on rear wheel drive 3 speed and way to many horses, with bags on sand and concrete blocks in back. Back when everything was steel and I thought nothing of ramming my way through the drifts of western NY state.

Come across a lot of big game in my subie in the wilderness. Lot more game than people.

Car gets washed a few times a year, but most of the time it looks like it was never washed... But the inside is quite a mess. The floors are my garbage can mostly.

Love the roof racks, not used yet. A bit pissed that the hatch spoiler negates the use of my strap on bike rack. Not ready to put out money to put a hitch and

I'm probably one of the few people that takes care of my spare tire, with love. I may need it one of those days driving 100 miles on logging roads in the North Maine Woods. About halfway through the summer, the road needs a good 'dozing again. Mudpuddles are getting deep.

Other than the woods, I'm a pretty tame driver, more proud of my gas mileage than the highway handling.

Mods? Not really. Just a big a$$ horn to keep the Massholes off my tail.

OK, 'nuff about me.
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Unread 4th April 2018, 08:18 PM
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great intro -welcome aboard!
MY'03 Foz AT XS with centre lock-up
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MY'97 Outback RIP
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Unread 7th April 2018, 08:52 AM
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1" & 2" lift kits; custom lift kits; all models
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