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Unread 14th March 2016, 12:41 AM
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Default Trailer & Bike Security Products (and Vendors)

It is never too late to get into padlocks and chains, apparently. Getting a trailer and bikes did the trick. Having spent some time looking around and shopping, I noticed that some products are relatively unknown to the Subaru crowd and that some vendors deserve to be recommended, especially in comparison to others (this part is US specific). This turned out to be a lot more interesting that I originally had thought it would be. In addition, the secured trailer and bikes have a more finished look

So, I am no expert, and no setup is invincible, but I would have been helped by something like what follows, hence the reason for this post.

Preliminaries: a lot of info on locks on youtube, gotta look at it critically (cuts both ways, both when the videos applaud and when they belittle). Much less info on chains--and much of it seems outdated (like those that claim that any chain under 16 mm or so can be cut manually; apparently this was the case a decade or so ago).

Chains, vendors (US): . This is a great chain:
Pewag 3/8" Square Security Chain - Per Foot because of outstanding customer service, really knowledgeable people, exchanged a lot of emails learning about stuff, yet no pressure to buy (which I happily did). Others pass a lifting chain for the same product I linked above.

Chains, brands: Austria's Pewag is all the rage now, but beyond its youtube notoriety, I liked a lot of things about the brand. No underpaid workers or doubtful production practices.

Pewag offers a 10 mm dedicated security chain (they ARE different from Pewag Grade 120 lifting chain though the latter would be tough to cut, too; I have both ).

Apparently this chain cannot be cut with manual tools and can give a lot of grief to angle grinders, too. Just watch the video to see how long it takes to make a single cut in ideal conditions. Now imagine field conditions...I do not think my trailer is going anywhere.

The bikes on top of the trailer are secured by the 7 mm version of the same chain. While not as secure, it seems a far better option than the Abus 6 and 8 mm chains, which even Abus itself does not classify as more than just "security" chains. Unlike the 10 mm big brother, this chain can be used easily over bikes, etc. I would be surprised if it can be defeated by manual tools (and there is no way to gain leverage when in use).

Padlocks, vendors (US): . Great customer service, amazing prices. Only two other sites seem to come close in prices. Did I mention great customer service (like detailed info, asking manufacturer for info on customer's behalf, without pressure to buy)?

Padlocks, products: OK. I chose one reputable brand, ABUS, and stuck with it. Their Granit series offers all the high security I would ever need. I also use ABUS medium security locks (8/10 rated) and the 50mm Stanley 24/7 lock, great lock and it works with the 7 mm chain (there is a larger 24/7 with 60 mm body and 11 mm shackle). These are a bargain for what they offer (great protection against physical attack which is what I would expect). No time or interest in learning about other brands or getting too crazy with security.

Reminders: If the anchor points are easy to defeat, the padlocks and chains won't matter much....

Conclusion: some top shelf bike products seem very tough and can be adapted to trailer/rack use, but there are better options if one goes a' la carte.

Codicil: trailer-specific products. Nothing I see inspires any enthusiasm for a little spending spree. I got a Master combo for hitch and coupler just to have something before I got everything else but I would not bet on this stopping anybody with more than a cursory interest in the trailer.
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Unread 14th March 2016, 01:33 AM
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Good info, thanks MAS
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