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Unread 15th September 2014, 08:32 PM
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Originally Posted by TheInterceptor View Post
Just a question to everyone, what sort of fuel economy are you all getting towing?
Im looking at particular semi offroad pod camper that weighs in at 560kgs to buy in the future and am just curious..
I have a basically stock XT manual that has towed a 450kg loaded Stockman Podtrailer 40,000km all over Australia, across the Nullarbor to Shark Bay and back, across the Top End & over the Gibb River Road to Derby and back through Halls Creek, down to SA and back along the Murray River and through the Snowy Mts and back up the East Coast and up to Pt Douglas and return. So it has really seen a variety of landscapes. It has averaged 11.2L/100km doing that and that is what I expect to get sitting on an indicated 110km/h. Taking it a bit slower has dropped it to 10L/100km and the worst it ever got was an indicated 120km/h section on the Nullarbor running into a strong headwind where it got 14.5L/100km. On that trip it had a 4m kayak sitting on top and the return trip across the Nullarbor with a tailwind saw it averaging around 10L/100km. I have found wind direction has a much greater affect on consumption than speed.

I budget for a fuel consumption of 11L/100km on a trip. Without the trailer I budget for 9L/100km doing the same driving and speeds.

btw My Forester has now done 263,000km, is in top condition and my Suby mechanic and an ex-Suby salesman tell me I should keep it forever. I've got my eyes on a new Golf GTI though (I just have to have a red one before I slide off this planet) and can't afford to keep both. And my wife doesn't really like camper trailering and staying in tourist parks so I have a feeling that my camper trailering days are numbered.
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Unread 16th September 2014, 12:24 AM
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That economy is very good I think.
My, non towing, MY03 has averaged 8.9l/100 kms since new so only a couple more is a small price to pay for towing a small van.
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