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Unread 23rd July 2014, 10:31 PM
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Default Regarding Oils generally

Regarding Oils generally, look here:

From a reading of this article, it becomes clear that the measurements of oil viscosity are standardised at a measurement point of 100C.
Exceeding this temperature (if you have an oil temperature gauge fitted), means that your 30 viscosity oil is no longer 30 viscosity but somewhat less.

What this means in practical terms is that your engine is no longer being adequately or properly lubricated ... This, in and of itself, is an argument for using (say) a 5W-40 oil in countries like Oz, and other parts of the world where ambient temperatures can be extremely high.

Synthetic oils are discussed here (synopsis):

And here is a little more depth:

Note particularly the "Advantages" and "Disadvantages" sections at the bottom of this last article. It would appear that there are very significant advantages for normal use (e.g. as motor oil for engines or gearbox/diff oils), with no disadvantages for motor vehicle use.

Roo2 is having its gearbox and diff oil changed in the near future. I will use FS oil. According to Ross (and the above articles), this should then last the life of the vehicle.
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