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Unread 22nd December 2013, 10:36 PM
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Fly, we had the fogging up problem with SWMBO's Camry after she had to drive through moderately deep water on Geelong Road during a flood episode.

The next morning it was as fogged up as anything. Running the air-con (and heater) for some weeks eventually dried the carpet out, as did leaving the windows open on warm sunny days. Not very much got in. Not enough to warrant removing all the carpets etc. But it was enough to cause the sort of problems that you are having.

I agree with NL that you should check around doors and windows to ensure that water is not getting in around them; and also check all the points where the body shell is penetrated by the wiring loom, etc.

One that is often overlooked is cleaning out the drain pipes for the air intake vents just below the windscreen. If these are blocked, water can be sucked into the car via the air vents. They can easily become blocked ...

Don't use wire to clean them!! Bloody obvious, but worth mentioning ...
Use something like a soft flexible plastic tube, or other similar makeshift tool.

Also ensure that the drain pipe from the cabin air-con radiator is clean and clear using the same method.

I am not sure where any of these drain tubes are on my Forester/s. They will be there somewhere. They were pretty obvious on our Impreza and Camry.
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Unread 23rd December 2013, 12:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Ratbag View Post
Also ensure that the drain pipe from the cabin air-con radiator is clean and clear using the same method.
This one is easily checked by looking for dripping water onto the ground from near the firewall with A/c on
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Unread 24th December 2013, 03:30 PM
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Really good tips! Now to convince a friend to let me use his heated garage so I don't freeze my *** off doing it in the driveway at -10 (assuming I'm lucky and it's a warm day), LOL

I did about 1000km this weekend and keeping the AC on really did help so that's a start!
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Unread 16th January 2014, 05:04 AM
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Originally Posted by NachaLuva View Post
The owners manual advises that fogging can be an issue on recycle, try on fresh with heater on full plus a/c.
In reality the warning about fogging on recycle in the manual really only applies with AC off. If you have the AC on, it will strip out so much moisture from the air that whether the source was recycled or fresh air won't matter - the resulting air from the vents will be very dry either way, assuming the AC is working well. This is why AC is so effective for defogging.

Originally Posted by idw View Post
Try air on recycle heater on full and a/c. Always worked for me at when up skiing (5 C most of the time not any colder though).
When using AC to defog in cold climates recycle on might actually be the better option as you say. In fresh mode, I suspect that such cold outside air as the source risks freezing the evaporator, compared to using recycle in which case the warmer interior air will be the source. (The only caveat here is that, regardless of recycle or fresh mode, in very cold conditions the AC may automatically disable (even if the button is on) to protect itself, leaving you with no dehumidifying effect in which case recycle mode is going to make things worse.)
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