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Unread 12th August 2011, 01:03 AM
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Default My TRIPLE battery set up.

Hopefully i am only 5 weeks or so away from departing on my next trip. It will depend on my mate but looks good so far.
I'm hoping to travel down the south coast of NSW,around the bottom of Vic and back over to SA (Point Turton) around the Gulf and then along the bottom to Esperance and up the West Coast to Broome by the start of the dry season.
I'm crossing my fingers that my mate will join me otherwise i will have to rethink my plans and maybe wait for the start of the dry season and head up north by myself.
Anyway....the boat is almost finished and i have done this...
I got the car wired with a smart charger and followed the original wiring to come out with the trailer wire at the rear and finished it with an Anderson plug.
I them got a 4mtr 'extension' wire made with an Anderson plug each end.
Inside the boat i put a wire from the bow and threaded it along the gunnel to finish at the rear. The bow end has an Anderson plug and the rear connections to fit my battery box, the sort of battery box that you can wire the battery up inside the box and has 2 cigarette external plugs and wing nut connections on the outside.
I will have 2 of these battery with a 80amp AGM Amptech battery (made by Supercharge) and one with a 105 amp AGM battery.
The 105amp battery will be kept in the boat and the other is for removing and using to run my fridge when i don't have mains power.
I got an Anderson plug fitted to my Minn Kota electric motor so can now just plug it in to the permanent wire from the rear battery.
When i am driving i can just plug the 'extension' wire from the car into the connection in the boat and charge the rear battery whilst driving.
I also will have a 1mtr wire fitted with an Anderson plug and connections for the other battery and can then charge either battery while i am cruising along.
As clear as mud??
Hopefully i will also have a Yamaha 1k generator with me. long as i have petrol i can never be without power for my fridge. This suits me better than solar panels.
I did a test run on my fridge the other day and the 80amp battery ran it for 3 days and 16hrs @ 3 degrees.
This was not a 'real world' test but gives me some idea of what to expect.
I also have a rectifier to fit to my outboard which will supply some charge, approx 5ampsp/h, when i am running the outboard. Every bit helps!!
Also bought a Ctek MXS 10 battery charger. This is a 10amp charger with 8 stages and a setting for AGM batteries.
I reckon this set up will work pretty good.
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