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Unread 22nd July 2014, 08:58 AM
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Default Which oil?

Gidday Oscar & Guzzla

Originally Posted by oscaroo View Post
Yeah, I had a look at that - well, while my car is in warranty i'll follow their overkill service routine, but at the local mechanic who charges less.
My saab has an epic service interval, 2 years or 20000km. Boy am I gonna miss that!
Is that one of the Saabs that has a Subaru boxer donk in it?

Originally Posted by guzzla View Post
You need to get out and start enjoying that Forester of yours Ratbag.
It'll never wear out at that rate.
I have been planning to, but life is what happens while you are planning other things ... Planning to get away in late July or early September now.

My Forester had its 6th birthday in June and only did 18,500km this last year. Nothing like the 57,000km it did in its 2nd year. I always have got the km service interval up long before the time until this last 6 months - still have 3000km to go. I have been wondering how good it is to leave the oil in there longer than the specified time.
Many of the up-market cars of many brands are now equipped with oil analysis gear that tells you when your oil needs changing. A guy in the USA told me that his new BMW still hasn't recommended his second oil change some 23,000 miles and 25 months out from its initial service. Others said the same sorts of things about the cars they drove that have this technology. Of course, these cars all use fully synthetic oils; as I do.

With Roo2, I observed three attributes in the oil as it aged: 1) Colour; 2) Feel; 3) Smell. All were OK at 24 months and 10,000 Kms. It was also using an unmeasurable amount of oil over that time. This indicates that the rings are terrific in both directions; valve guides ditto; there were no oil leaks: internal or external. This is predicated on there also being no water usage, and no frothing, emulsification or dilution of the sump oil by petrol - these all change the feel, colour and smell of the oil. There was no evidence of any of this occurring.

My Golf has 15,000km or 12 month service intervals and VW specify a special long life oil. It's the same 5w-30 synthetic as the Forester's but must be labeled with a 504-507 long life rating. Not that it's in the Golf for very long. It had its 1st birthday 2 days after the Forester (yeah - 2 registrations at the same time of year wasn't very smart financial planning) and did 40,500km. It goes in for its 3rd service on Thursday. VW have given it fixed price services until 90,000km too and the first 2 cost $290 each although I'm paying a bit less now taking it (and the Forester) to a trustworthy independent.
Yeah. My 'independent' bloke won Bosch service centre every month of 2013, and for the full year, Australia wide. Ditto Shell servo of the year over the same period. I have used Ross for about 15+ years. I trust him completely and he has never tried to BS me, and has never once charged me as much as I thought he should!

These days I only ever use Shell Helix Ultra FS 5W-40 in both cars. Shell do not categorise their oils as "long life rating". I suspect that it goes with the price ... As Ross said "I only ever put this in Ferraris and the like ... , but it sure won't do your engine any harm.". It doesn't appear to ... .
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oil viscosity, viscosity to use, what is oil viscosity

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