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Old 16th July 2008, 06:31 AM
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Originally Posted by spinners View Post
That much Thats pretty good.
well thats not with timing belt or tune and i have a K&N filter so thats doesn't get replaced, just cleaned. still the last major service i heard cost around $1K ish
cheers, Eden

2000 outback, subX bullbar + sumpguard,50mm raised strut blocks,30mm raised springs,215/65/16 rubber,uhf, dual battery system,150W spots,touchscreen navigation with oziexplorer. more to come
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Old 16th July 2008, 06:42 AM
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That's the one that I'll be getting done at the end of this year. The big one (100k service) & something that my wallet is not exactly looking forward to.
Ah well, it's only money.

Mr Turbo
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Old 17th July 2008, 01:54 AM
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It seems SVM at Lindfield have been bought out- maybe by SA. The bloke I bought my car off (Paul) is no longer there. I know dealerships have a high turnover but this was a bit of surpirse.
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Old 19th July 2008, 08:03 PM
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Mine is out of warranty and I get it serviced at R&C Automotive in Wollongong. Ron and Chris are Subaru specialists, very knowledgeable and try to explain everything that needs doing or they have done.

My next is the biggie (100,000). It will also include the water pump as it's got a slight leak. I've had it for a while but R&C didn't think it was critical and suggested that I wait till the biggie as they would be pulling that section of the motor apart then.

I used to do my own services on my older cars and still do on the 87 Nissan (>400,000km) but I think I'm getting value (and knowledge and experience) for money at R&C.
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Old 20th July 2008, 08:15 PM
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I've only got 3 months left on my lease and can't wait for it to be over. The leasing company is one of the most incompetent companies I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

As for Subaru I've had to use Denlo as the leasing company insists on only dealer servicing. Denlo do the job, that's about as a good as I can say about them. Any specific problems or details they don't listen and IMO don't care. That's not very different from any dealer in my experience unfortunately. I now know 2 senior people working at Denlo but that's not going to do me any good now with only 1 service left before I'm free.
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Old 21st July 2008, 12:48 AM
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I went to Tom Kerr today and the salesman was really friendly & helpful. Took a manual XT for a spin, was really impressed with the torque it has. The X I drove a few weeks ago at another dealer was good, but this was brilliant!
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Old 23rd July 2008, 12:57 AM
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I puchased my Subaru from Penrith, those guys bent over backwards to help me get my car with a few added extra's for free, was very pleased with there sales team.

I get my car serviced at Tom Kerr as its closer to work, they come and pick the car up and drop it off which is always nice. Never had and issues with them at all.
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Old 23rd July 2008, 02:54 AM
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My Mum bought her Outback and gets all the work done at Tom Kerr.....she's never had a problem in 3 years (touch wood).

I usually purchase parts and have major servicing done at Scuderia Veloce in Lindfield. A mate of mine with a rex also goes to them. I haven't heard any negative comments regarding either of these dealers.
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Old 29th September 2008, 03:06 AM
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Default Tom Kerr service

Just had the 06 Outback in for 47k service
Fixed price over the phone of $320.
the desk worker rang up and advised that we needed to
. run some injector cleaner through the system $45
. drop the steering oil out and replace and run a treatment through it $160
. remove and clean the pollen filter $88

Nice little add on.
I said dont worry about it.
is this the norm or are these guys having a go.
When I was a mechanic the power steering was done around the 70k mark
How hard is the pollen filter to get to.
any comments
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Old 29th September 2008, 03:14 AM
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Yeah, I was asked about the power steering and pollen filter when I had my Forester in with them.

I passed on the power steering and by the time I explained to them the procedure about how to remove the glove box to access the pollen filter tray and then how you go about taking it out and cleaning it... They understood quite clearly that I knew what I was doing and that to ask $80 plus gst was taking the p!sh.

Take the pollen filter out and get your vacuum cleaner on low setting and run it over the filter. Rinse it then under cold running water and allow to dry.

While you are waiting for it to dry, get the narrow nozzle and vacuum where the tray would go back into.


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