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Old 29th April 2018, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Cammo View Post

BTW How do you more seasoned travelers carry your fresh supplies ? Do you use an electric fridge/freezer like a Waeco or just an insulated cooler with block ice ? I probably need to invest in a bigger cooler, maybe 40 or 50 litres.
Fresh as in fruit and vegies? I have a fridge, but I also use my modern day equivalent of a coolgardie safe. Its a milk crate with a had floor in it, and the sides are lined with shadecloth. Lid is wood. Insect and rodent proof. produce is put in paper bags and checked every day. lettuce keeps about a week in it. I leave it in the car overnight: the ambient temperature of fuel in the tank helps chill it, and if the car is kept shady it stays cool.
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Old 30th April 2018, 02:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Dulagarl View Post
Fresh as in fruit and vegies? .
Yes, fruit, vegetables, milk, butter, yoghurt beveridges etc.

On the weekend a bought a new 42 litre Dometic ice box which was on special. Rather than block ice I place 1.25 litre soft drink bottles filled with frozen tap water into the bottom of the box. This new one will take about 6 bottles and probably still have enough room for what I want to keep chilled.
In an emergency the water in the bottles can be consumed as it is potable.
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