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Unread 20th January 2018, 09:21 PM
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Default Secondary air pump

Hi how is everyone? I have an my06 xt forester manufactured late 05 I had a quick search and couldn't see any posts.
I have just started to get faults with the secondary air pump. From what I have read its only emission stuff on start up and its cheaper to pull it out blank off and get turned off in ecu as it continues being a problem once it starts. Has anyone else had problems with this. How have you fixed it and anyone else know who can turn it off in Brisbane without getting a full tune? (as I want to put turbo back exhaust on it before tunning)
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Unread 2nd May 2018, 08:44 PM
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Hmmm - seems no one knows unfortunately!
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Unread 3rd May 2018, 03:36 AM
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You will need to sell both your legs and a kidney to replace the air pumps with new ones. At the back of each head there is a pipe coming out. It goes to a central point on top of the block. From there it joins up with other plumbing and the air pumps. If you cut each of the pipes a few inches from the head, the stub still connected to the heads needs to be squashed flat and welded shut. As for the ecu side of things, I am not sure. Maybe contact the Queensland wrx club. I don’t think you need a re-tune although you probably need to turn off the alarm in the ecu but best confirm with someone else
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Unread 22nd July 2018, 06:50 AM
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There are a few videos by MRT on this topic and a new one came up a couple of days ago that I just happened to watch earlier today. It's made quite clear that deletion of the two pipes, valve and the pump is relatively straight forward (and blanking plates installed on each of the heads, but the ECU does need to be re-programmed to ignore the pump from then on. Brett goes on to say that the ECU is programmable on turbo models and not on NA models, however (bar a couple of cases).

Shows the parts to be removed:
Explanation of solution in a little more detail:
Here's their information page on MRT's website:

As soon as I got my Forester I thought to myself, "That's something that needs removing as soon as it fails - electric motor and water/mud won't work well".
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