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Default Call for help XV 2012/3

This has also been posted on the facebook page but there may be some knowledgeable non FB people.
Appeal for help!!!!!
My grilfriend Sally's daughter has an XV ( 2013or2) and had an incident ( just riding along type) and needs some help. She is a midwife and has just started a new position and MUST have her car and it has to be reliable . Now I know she should have bought a Corolla but she didn't.
So far I only have sketchy details but some thoughts on diagnosis would be appreciated.
She was driving home and the car started making a "funny noise" and stopped . She managed to get it home after it did start but kept making a noise. Mobile mechanic said it was a coil in no.4 cyl. Replaced coil and no difference.
Any experiences that may help.
Sorry that is currently as much detail as I have and I live 350km away so I can't check myself.
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