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Sydney - it's Sydney stuff

- Limestone creek/poplars in the high plains, gorgeous area, good tracks some of the less traveled high country. Close to Omeo

- Can be done in a day, Central Deborah gold mine, Historic tram ride is always good if you haven't done it before, Henry of Harcourt cidery (get some duck and bull...seriously). There isn't much in Bendigo its just a regional city, few good camping spots about 60km south into the lerderderg state forest

- if you plan on staying in the park book now and pay, very popular this time of year. Halls gap is always a good spot but again very popular. Cobboboonee is an alternative place closer to the coast, not much 4wd touring tho. Also Little desert due east of Bendigo

Barossa Valley
- Glenelg park is a great stop on the boarder on the way to SA, good fishing good camping, swimming/canoeing as well. As for Barossa ever been there.

Best time to travel Vic is right now, before school holidays and the fire season starts as it's easier to get around with fewer tracks and roads closed and in general people...I go up bush to get away from people in general so I'm a little biased. There's a lot of park campgrounds in vic that are book only or paid spots generally 27-30 a night for the privilege of a drop dunny...
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