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When I did the engine conversion, I ended up doing a pin out list of every wire going to the cluster so I knew what was what in order to get the speedo, fuel and temp gauge working. So looking at that, I spliced into the signal wire going to the speedo and tacho. They are the only factory sensors I will be using, except maybe for the AFR's. However, when I calibrate the speedo, I will be using the GPS to give me the speed reading baseline. Unfortunately, you have to calibrate it at 40kmh, so we'll see how it maintains it's accuracy at higher speeds.

With regards the AFR's I can't use the O2 sensor in the car as it is a wide band sensor, and the dash will only work of a narrow band. I think I threw my old narrow band one away so I'll have to find another.

It is better to have independent inputs so the lack of ODB never concerned me.
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