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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
My thoughts on safe driving as told to those that I have taught to drive: Keep in mind that everyone else out there is an idiot!

Originally Posted by Ratbag View Post
Actually, Kevin, I consider them to be homicidal maniacs, out to get me in particular!

I also hope that they view me in exactly the same way.

That way, we might just both survive undamaged ...
Mutually assured destruction...not a tactic we'd agree to but seems to work well!

Originally Posted by jf1sf5 View Post
Aussie drivers are very dangerous, just watch Mad Max and you'll understand !

Originally Posted by ateday View Post
It`s those who sit in my blind spot who annoy me.
The rest I can deal with.
Common Sense.
This needs to be taught to every driver!

Originally Posted by scalman View Post
I usr similar approach as to keep in mind that others can be bad drivers so leave them a lot space and allways be ready. Same time it doesnt need that you need to be glued to driving wheel and be too tense. I drive very much relaxed most times same time i see all around.
Its just my exp but i think to have at least light accident with yout car is good thing. After my first accident my driving style changed very much as you understand what happens when you make even small mistake.
Worst thing on road for me its drivers dont keep distance and dont give you any space. I never understood this behaviar. More space = more time to react to something , less distance = almost not possible react to anything.
Bad thing people dont know car that they drive. Take car to remote empty places and try to make it slide , skid, spin wheels, lock brakes with turn lock brakes on straight and such. Learn car then you be better driver on road as you would have understanding how it handles.
We agree with learning everything about car control and reaction times! However we recommend attending an advance driving course where a professional driver can teach the ins and outs of handling the car in all situations while in a controlled environment.

Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
I much prefer driving in the Aussie outback; I find it very relaxing with very little traffic and generally the road-train drivers really know what they are doing! If you're worried about hitting wildlife in the outback just follow a road-train
Got to hand it to the professionals driving those road trains! Also, any drive in the outback is relaxing; mostly because of the amazing scenery!

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