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Originally Posted by ateday View Post
I suspect that, unlifted, a 65 profile would not fit at all well on the older MY03`s.
I ran 215/65r16 Bridgestone Dueler D697 AT on my old 2002 MY03 SG for a short while before I lifted it on raised King Springs only. Never had a single rub and my old suspension was shot (quite sagged, especially in the back).

Ateday I suspect yours may rub because the 40mm lift will push the front wheel further back in its arc, meaning it will be closer to the rear of the wheel arch?

The D697 DID NOT fit in my wheel well fully inflated. However a Kumho KH18 in 215/65r16 did, just. These are onroad tyres though and I wouldn't recommend for even slight 4x4ing.

Here's a pic of the 697s with no lift:

Front right wheel arch clearance with chains

Rear strut clearance with chains

Rear arch clearance with chains

As you can see, with OEM +48 offset wheels there's heaps of clearance even on saggy suspension. I could even fit chains front and rear (although they just touched the front spring perch but still rotated). Rear was fine with chains, over 1cm of clearance everywhere.

Hope this helps

Just for comparison here's one post-lift with same tyres:

As far as the tyre themselves is concerned, I really like the D697 and am running them on the Foz's replacement. Looks different to a 'traditonal' AT like the BFG but still works well offroad, it sheds mud relatively well due to the tapered blocks and relatively open cut. Some people say they're hard and not grippy but I feel they stuck better in the dry than the KH18s I ran back to back as road tyres, and were comparable in the wet.

Do note though that the 215/65r16 is a commercial rated tyre - it has heavy construction and you do pay a weight/performance price. I noticed a definite decrease in acceleration running D697s on OEM steel wheels, vs the KH18s on WRX alloys, despite both being 215/65r16.
In saying this it means you're less likely to get a puncture offroad! They are nice tyres, more aggressive than the Geolandar ATS and cheaper too. I'd have to recommend, even with no lift.
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