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Originally Posted by NachaLuva View Post
The simple way to think of it is traction control reduces engine power to stop you skidding while accelerating in slippery conditions. This is bad for offroad.

VDC applies the brakes to a wheel that is spinning. This is great for most offroading, eg when lifting a wheel on steep rocky tracks. It's bad for driving on soft sand where you want the tyres to be spinning & you want no braking & max power
I participated in a sand driving course run by Isuzu Ute Australia on Moreton Island in my son-in-laws new ute and they were very definite about turning VDC off when driving in soft sand. I've tried it both ways on the track in to Bribie Island Beach and couldn't tell the difference but generally I follow the advice of those with more experience and keep it off in soft sand.
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