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i was reading somewhere little info what VDC is , it seems thats its all things in one it uses traction control and brakes and reduces engine power.

VDC incorporates a host of different technologies to prevent skids and accidents. Throw some vegetable broth in there and you'll have alphabet soup.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC): In situations such as a vehicle losing control due to unexpected understeer or oversteer, individual brakes are applied, engine power is reduced and torque distribution is shifted to regain vehicle stability, therefore aiding driver control.

Traction Control System (TCS): Reduces engine power to minimize wheel slip.

TCS Limited Slip Device (LSD): Transfers power from the wheels that slip to the wheels that grip to help maintain traction and control.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): Providing significant driver assistance in minimizing stopping distance and maintaining vehicle control under brakes. ABS maintains control to enable the driver to steer around obstacles and reduce stopping distances.

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD): Is the electronic control of braking pressure to the front and rear wheels all the time.

Brake Assist: Is a driver assistance system that works to minimize stopping distances in emergency situations by ensuring stopping power is maximized.
so i guess is not fair to call VDC just traction control. its all things in one. as much as i tested my system it will reduce engine power to wheels so they not spin too much and if that doesnt helps it uses brakes too. but sometime with that reducing power its hurts itself too as you have not much power to go uphill. but in most cases its just great in offroading. mud , snow , gravel, grass it helps in that all.

now im wondering with model as mine that didint had VDC off button and later models that have button is it same or its turning off slightly different systems. as im shutting down all VDC and its never starts work , but ABS works , where newer models have button for traction control but it cames up working at higher speeds again. mine its off on all speeds no matter what. i guess noone knows that as its no info about it.

and about VDC it should work differently with diff tires ones have more grip and other less, so it would be not same as well. i guess my VDC really love my tires as it grips just so well. on light mud uphills i drive up and i dont even have not one wheel spin there it just anticipate slippage before its happen. thats big advantage subaru VDC system vs others awd cars traction control systems as they engaging just after slippage happen.

thats one of first videos that i made to test VDC and i think its one of the best ones. how good VDC is on snow. its not soft snow its little packed so its very slippery as you can see VDC off not going anywhere even with momentum , and VDC on and 2nd gear just makes magic

this test did using same amount acceleration so in case VDC off its just start spin wheels and continues with revs rising and VDC on dont let revs raise its just finds grip and moves car forward as if it was nothing. so older subaru with active AWD system preVDC models would not go nowhere in that situation.
and antoher advantage older models have are fixed gears 1,2,3. on 2nd gear on snow its just climbs perfectly reducing wheel spin

another good example of VDC. going as slow as i can from stop. and that going uphill more then it looks in video. one front wheel is almost in air so those rear wheels wanna spin but second as it tries spin VDC kicks in and find grip on other front wheel

i think on situations it could be better thing then locker, like on snow, locker just locks it but it will still spin wheels and dig holes, where VDC will try to stop spinning wheels without grip. well newer Toyota prado models proved that they can be even better in deep mud just with traction control then those older land cruisers with tons mods and lockers.

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