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Originally Posted by jf1sf5 View Post
Headgaskets on an EJ22 is quite rare, haven't heard of it before.
Any engine will need HGs at some point. It can come down to design and the engine's treatment/abuse.

My 22 was fitted in 2008, it had 127k km on it according to the donor vehicle's odometre. I've put 120k km extra on it that have been documented. I say documented as for about 10k km I had no speedo and for a large number of those km I put on it as the speedo was about 28km under actual speed - I used to drive by a gps.
Further, my engine was run at 120 deg while off-roading in very soft sand for a few minutes running anti boil coolant (read from a mechanical gauge tapped into heater circuit line on coolant out from engine line). I managed to freeze the coolant in the block during my first season at Hotham after replacing the coolant with the wrong type and extremely cold westerly wind of about -15*C at the start of the season while the vehicle was still parked up high and facing into the wind.

Even after the above, loads of off-roading and some rev limiter action the HGs didn't pop until I got the AC regassed. Seems that little bit of extra heat in summer finished them off good and proper after two days > that was about four years ago now.

Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
The AllDriveSubaroo product would be good I imagine.
@El_Freddo probably also knows a good source.
Hit up Andy (green tree frog on the forum I think) at Dom's motors in Griffith or for genuine parts. Having a VIN on hand is mega useful in both cases. Andy is very informative and partsouq is dangerous as you start racking up the shopping cart!


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