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Hi Vert. I had a set of 4 I bought in Perth for $80. They are tough. We use the same material in industrial plants and mine sites for platforms and walkways. For bridging, they are great. They'll take a cruiser on them easily. I only used them once in anger in sand and they kind of sunk into the sand as they aren't a solid plank, rather a waffle board, as the name suggests. Don't know why it didn't occur to me before hand, but after it happened, I kind of realised it made sense. So I modified them and glued (liquid nails) some thin ply pieces to it, covering about 50% of the open area. The theory was, it would prevent it sinking in, however I never got to try it as I sold for them for more than I paid for them and bought a pair of X-Bull 10T tracks, which are a copy of Treds and sell for $100 :P The disadvantage of the waffle boards is their weight and size. If you are lugging 4 around, its easily around 50 kg total and they sit high, i.e. don't nest like Treds or Maxxtrax.
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