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All good. I can see what to do. Pretty easy once I get hold of a soldering iron.
I must say I'm a bit 'not happy' with the attention to detail and the cost of the Anderson plugs they sent me.
I don't know why they sent me RED plugs and what the difference is between red and grey ones except they are not compatible. Still charging me $30 (not $20 as I said above) for 4 is bloody rich when I could have got 10 for less than $20 off evilbay!!
The fact they didn't do what I originally asked and paid for is annoying anyway!!
I also noticed some heat shrinking of the joins was pretty poor and metal shavings in the frame from drilling plus one bit of metal used in the fold out legs looked already had a hole drilled where it was not needed. The fold out legs don't have anyway of locking themselves in place....probably nit picking but to me it's lack of attention to detail and does nothing to get consumers to buy Australian. Presentation is important and with 1 minutes work they could have made it look better.The bag they supply will last about 10 mins I reckon..i'll look into getting something else made at sometime.
Anyway...I'm sure i'll be happy with it when I'm in the middle of nowhere sipping on a nice cold tinny!!
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