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Originally Posted by Ratbag View Post
I have owned a couple of cars that said not to do this in the owner's manual (not Subarus).

Subi manuals say not to rest your hand on the gear lever when not changing gears. I suspect that this wears the linkages ... .

My 2006 2.5L N/A Fox manual tells me not to exceed 188 km/h in LO range/5th ... .

Doesn't say anything else about skipping from gear to gear.

I suspect it depends on both the design and strength of the box, but I don't really know this ...
Want to test that 188km/hr in LO Range???? haha
I reckon it would do it. I have done 195km/hr in my 2.0l N/A in high. lol
Yes Nachaluva yours will do it too
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