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they look cool from side almost same as Ko2. but they dont come in smaller sizes i guess.

and those new tech in tire is allways good to make them even stronger and better grip

Power through mud and loose soil with our Terrain-Attack tread design. Its massive tread blocks are designed to deliver incredible grip from any angle of approach, and Mud-Phobic Bars release compacted mud for continued traction.

Take on Earth’s toughest terrain with advanced Krawl-TEK compound that enhances grip on rock and slick surfaces. Plus, a Linear Flex Zone allows the tire to flex and envelop objects in aired-down driving situations.

Go places others only dream of, thanks to race-proven advancements. CoreGard Max Technology uses a thick sidewall shield and specialized compound to help guard against sharp objects, while Traction-Armor Sidewall Sculpture helps prevent sidewall splitting.

introduction video is great very similar as they did for TA KO2 and main reasons why i chose that

and ppl sure running KM2 on their subies no problem. just they could be about 7lbs heavier then same size ko2. and as for me i found i loose torque faster then i ever lost grip on those ko2. so even heavier tire will impact on torque to ground even more.
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