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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
Would be too heavy for Subies. ;-)
Originally Posted by scalman View Post
Not that we need real mud tires so much on subarus still those would perform better in real mud.
Speak for yourselves guys, I have heavy light truck muddies on my little Subie & they're great! I know many others with muddies on their Subarus too.

Please don't do the "get a real 4wd" thing, our little Subarus deserve muddies, lockers, lifts, sump guards, snorkels & all the other 4wd accessories just as much as a big fat 4wd does. In fact, because we don't have lockers, you could say we need muddies more than the big fat 4wds do!!

And what about little Suzukis? A Jimny is even smaller than a Subaru & muddies make them a real weapon offroad...

I haven't seen the KM3 but the KM2 looks good. Would probably be my next choice of mud tyre (yes, for my Subaru lol). I love the Kumho KL71s I have currently, brilliant offroad & surprisingly good onroad for a muddy, but they're directional which is a pita
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