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Unread 24th October 2016, 01:56 AM
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X-Mode as far as wheel spin, just applies the brake to the spinning wheel faster than the VDC alone does.
Are you able to turn on x-mode with the VDC off? I would think that it turns VDC back on since it's essentially VDC on steroids.
It also applies a tighter lock between the front and rear differential, about 20% harder than with X-Mode off. What is good on the sand is the reduction in throttle sensitivity so you're less likely to apply too much and cause wheel spin.

Either way, X-Mode is not the best for sand. VLSD would be better since instead of stopping the wheel that is spinning, it somewhat locks the wheels together. Actual lockers would be ideal, but well yeah. That's not an option, and even if someone does make them I doubt anything will ever be done for the SJ or any model with VDC.
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