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Default X-Mode and VDC

I asked the question about what would happen if X-Mode was used with VDC turned off, below is the response from Japan via my dealer in Brisbane Bartons

“Hi Nick,

All things come to those who wait….

To sum up, X-Mode increases the AWD bias to the rear so the split is 50-50 Front to Rear. During X-Mode operation if a wheel slips or loses traction, then VDC applies the brake to that wheel (a limited slip diff function of sorts).

If VDC is switched off, VDC and traction control are disabled (ABS, EBD and Brake override are still active)

If X-Mode is used and the VDC is turned off, the wheel slip function is still active because X-Mode and VDC are technically different features. Hill Descent Control (which uses the brakes) is still active.

All controlled through VDC software.

X-Mode functions: Hill Descent Control
50:50 drive split
Softer throttle response to reduce jerkiness over bumps
CVT ratio changes to a lower ratio (similar feel to a manual gearbox transfer case)

Hope this helps the customer.

Have a good day“
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