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Originally Posted by subyroo View Post
I got all the way down to Bunnings today and hit the checkout ... no wallet!

I am definitely getting too bloody old.
Lol. My typical brain fade is to go shopping, find what I need, line up to pay for it, hand the money over, then walk out to my car....forgetting to take the item I spent all that time getting!

Gave the washer a good workout on my GFs beetle today. The engine bay was filthy & the bit under the oil filler near the dipstick had a thick layer of gunge on it. I soaked it in my own degreaser then used the car wash engine degreaser followed by high pressure soap. Worked on the rest of the engine but that thick layer of gunge was still there. Got home & gave the pressure washer a go.... worked a treat! Clean enough to eat off!
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