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Gidday Ate

I have looked at an awful lot of these modern dual or large cab units since becoming aware of the loading problems associated with them. BTW, I mean eye-balled, not inspected closely ...

IMHO, none of these modern vehicles are suitable for carrying even the loads that we would routinely put in the station ute in my youth. e.g. full 44 gallon drums, engines and the like. With the old ute/s, the load was up against the back of the cab, and that put it fully between the axles.

With these ersatz utility vehicles, there is insufficient room to put any heavy load in this position. The rear axle is just far too close to the front of the well. From my observations, all of these vehicles are relying on the strength of their chassis to counteract the huge cantilever effect, and as Kevin and Zippo have already said, it just isn't strong enough.

When I look at photos of my 1968 Landcruiser deep well ute, the axle was around half way from the front of the well to the rear, and it had a bloody strong chassis, to boot! Almost nothing appears to be designed this way these days. They have all become 'designer vehicles', not work vehicles ... .

Just my two bob's worth, FWIW.
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