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I see this is a bit of an old post now...however reading the above I'll certainly vouch for Matt (Throttlehappy).

My XT was tuned by him at 190k, and he has tuned it a number of times due to me modding then de-modding however it continues to run beautifully even now at 244k.

Fuel consumption is still at about 9-10 l/100, turbo spool is much earlier than stock and general drivability is fantastic. No oil usage or any dramas at this many k's.

For all of 2016 I was running a "safe" tune and was dyno'd at 200kw atw (obviously with supporting mods) and the car was reliable and fun.

Long story short, I'm happy with it, his tunes are great (most negative reviews are people trying to get massive amounts out of the engine), and I agree with the pro's by Robbks, I expect the engine to go well over 300k.
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